How clean false eyelashes?

Place false eyelashes on a clean towel and spray the tip of the cotton swab with alcohol or eye makeup remover, squeezing out any excess product. Use the cotton swab to gently remove eye makeup and glue from the eyelashes, making sure to pay special attention to the eyelash bands, which are usually quite disgusting. As long as you handle your eyelashes with proper care, you can use your false eyelashes with all your beauty looks, making it an economic investment. You can effectively clean your false eyelashes with micellar water, dish soap, makeup remover or baby shampoo.

This step will remove any makeup that has ended up with your false eyelashes (essential if you applied mascara on top of them) as well as other impurities. When you clean them, place your eyelashes on your index finger so that the tips of the eyelashes wrap downward over your finger, keeping the curl. Moisten the eyelash extension brush with water and then clean the eyelashes with the same movements as before to rinse the cleanser off the eyelash extensions. Even your most affordable pair of false eyelashes need a good cleaning to make them look and feel fresh.

If you don't clean them but continue to use your false eyelashes, you run the risk of these unpleasant elements entering your eye and causing irritation and infection. Third, it is essential to clean the eyelashes so that they are hygienic, fresh and free of dirt and bacteria. It is helpful to use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to clean along the lash line, in the inner corners and under the lower lashes. So, good news for lovers of false eyelashes, because in fact you can clean and reuse your eyelashes to take advantage of their entire lifespan.

You can also use tweezers and a plastic container filled with makeup remover to slowly clean your eyelashes. To clean false eyelashes, soak a cotton ball in a makeup remover and wipe it with a swab from the tip of the eyelashes to the tips to remove glue and makeup residue. If you have a little more free time, famous makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who has worked with artists such as Rashida Jones, Kaley Cuoco and Busy Phillips, shared her foolproof way of cleaning your false eyelashes on Main Street, which should give us about a dozen uses per duo. Use a cotton swab dipped in water to clean your eyelashes, but don't immerse them in water, as it may damage them.

Now that the order at home is in full force, I use this time not only to learn how to apply my eyelashes, but also to clean my eyelashes properly.

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