Are lash extensions worth the price?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent eyelash enhancer that uses synthetic or natural fibers to increase the length, curl or volume of natural lashes. Eyelash extensions work simply and simply. They can enhance almost anyone's lashes, meaning you'll wake up with fuller, longer, darker lashes, but not without paying the price. Extensions are expensive and even if you do everything you need to do when it comes to aftercare, it's quite possible that you'll suffer damage to your natural lashes, such as breakages and falls.

But with that said, eyelashes are hair, after all, and in most cases they will grow back in a few weeks. When it comes to safety, dermatologists compare eyelash extensions to acrylic nails; they're not necessarily good for you, but they're not likely to cause serious health problems, so you may decide that the aesthetics of the extensions outweigh potential side effects (which usually include irritation, infection, and allergic reactions). If you plan to wear eyelash extensions, have them applied by a licensed esthetician to avoid these side effects. If you're looking for perfection and security, the cost of extensions could be worth it.

One of the scariest things about eyelash extensions is that the process is not regulated in some states, as is the case in Alabama, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho and Wisconsin. Maybe you're even considering a cheap eyelash extension kit for the home as an alternative to salon lashes. I know that all the specialists in eyelash extensions tell you that they won't damage your natural lashes if you do them correctly, but maybe I only have very weak eyelashes, I would go to the best eyelash technicians and, every time my last extension fell out, I would get much shorter natural eyelashes than when I started. Since an individual extension is applied to an individual eyelash, that extension will fall out on its own when the natural eyelash falls out.

The beauty of professional eyelash extensions is the variety of eyelash effects that beautify and complement your natural features. Classic extensions are applied in a one-to-one ratio, meaning that an extension is applied to each natural eyelash. All of your lashes are in a different state at any given time, meaning that some are about to fall out, while others are experiencing a period of growth (this is true whether you're wearing eyelash extensions or not). Nowadays, everyone is competing for thick, bulky lashes, either through eyelash extensions or experimenting with serums and oils, such as castor oil, which are rumored to stimulate growth.

The interesting (some would say daunting) thing about eyelash extensions is that you'll never be able to see progress while the technician is working; you just have to sit back and trust that they are creating beautiful lashes customized to the shape of your eyes. So when eyelash extensions started to become popular, I didn't take a break before booking an appointment. The result was great (I woke up with bangs full of eyelashes and went to work without putting on any makeup), but after a week I started to wake up with my pillowcase covered with eyelashes, both extensions and my own natural eyelashes. You see, the reason I'll never put on eyelash extensions again has nothing to do with the procedure itself.

While extensions aren't cheap, the advantage of going to the beauty salon is that you get a safe application and quality extensions that will last.

Bette Kalloch
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