Are lash extensions good for your eyes?

Ptosis (droopy eyelids) caused by too intense application of the eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions

are a semi-permanent solution to make eyelashes look like makeup without mascara. When applied correctly by a licensed professional, eyelash extensions can provide beautiful and safe results. However, using the wrong glue or trying a self-made eyelash extension can cause pain, infection, and loss of eyelashes.

Over time, magnets can permanently drag the eyelid down. Glue can also get into the eyes. It probably won't harm your vision. However, it can hurt and take time to heal.

Eyelash extensions do not damage eyelashes when applied correctly. To avoid damaging natural eyelashes, eyelash extensions must be carefully selected (length and thickness) and correctly applied to one natural eyelash at a time. Financial investment: As with most things, the price of eyelash extensions depends on where you make them. The instant gratification of having beautiful eyelashes after just one date is definitely appealing.

Brush your lashes several times a day with a spiral-shaped brush (similar to a mascara stick that is clean, dry, and without product). Keep in mind that practicing these care techniques does not guarantee that your eyelash extensions will last longer than the average lifespan or that they protect your natural eyelashes from breakage. When applied incorrectly or with the wrong adhesive, they can cause discomfort, infections and permanent eyelash loss. Place a strip of magnetized eyelashes over the real ones and then place it in place with a strip that goes under the real eyelashes.

While a quick search on YouTube will produce hundreds of DIY videos for removing eyelash extensions, the truth is that the surest way to remove them is to let them fall off on their own. When eyelash extensions are applied correctly, they must absolutely respect the natural growth cycle of natural eyelashes. To clean eyelash extensions, use a gentle, foaming cleanser for eyelash extensions to ensure that your eyes and eyelashes don't retain bacteria. The area around the eyes and eyelids is very sensitive, which means that the weight of the glue can also pull the hair on the eyelashes and cause irritation.

While you may be inclined to go big or go home, your natural lashes may not be resilient enough to support the extensions of your dreams. Once you've passed that window, you should keep the oil-based products away from your eyes (as the oil could dissolve the eyelash adhesive). Solvents used to remove glue from eyelashes can also cause allergic reactions and are not regulated by the U. In some cases, the extension procedure may adversely affect vision due to the client's personal characteristics.

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