How long do lash extensions last before needing a fill?

Extensions come off with the natural hair growth cycle, which is usually every six to eight weeks, Richardson says. Fillers are a great way to extend the life of your eyelashes and are recommended every two to three weeks. Eyelash extensions will last 2 to 4 weeks on average. It's completely normal to lose a few lashes a day as natural lashes progress through the hair growth cycle.

According to our research, most people prefer to book refills every 3 weeks (60.1%) to maintain a full lash line. Therefore, to keep those lashes looking delicious, it is recommended to refill them an average of 3 weeks apart. Some people have faster or slower growth cycles. There are several factors that can cause those extensions to be lost ahead of time.

Most eyelash extension technicians recommend that you refill your eyelashes every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes, you can wait longer, even up to 4 weeks, depending on the retention, maintenance of eyelash extensions and the skin care products you use (more info below). For best results, we recommend that refills be applied within three weeks of using the original full set. Outside of this three-week period, a complete set will represent better value for money.

Like many beauty services, eyelash extensions aren't the kind of thing you want to risk having a bad experience with, especially the first time you try them. Because eyelashes are at different stages in their growth cycle at any given time, the extensions won't fall out all at once, and you might find holes starting to appear a few weeks after you've placed them. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that are glued by hand to natural lashes, says Andra Marin, artistic director and expert eyelash stylist at Courtney Akai Lash Boutique in New York. Both Feroz and famous makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes say you don't even need mascara or eyeliner when you're wearing eyelash extensions; extensions offer an effect similar to typical makeup to enhance your eyes.

Since extensions are attached at the base of natural eyelashes, brushing them too close to the base could cause the extension to rise and come off prematurely. As the extensions grow, the point at which the extension attaches to the natural eyelashes weakens. The first thing you should know about eyelash extensions is that they should be maintained, mainly with a normal eyelash filler. To achieve this, your eyelash technician will give you recommendations at each visit about the ongoing care and maintenance of your eyelashes and natural eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are not dangerous or bad as long as the technician follows the right methods and uses the right materials. Asako (left) and Naoko (right) are certified eyelash stylists and the owners of Divine Lashes, a site for eyelash lovers to meet and learn more about eyelash extensions and lifts. However, there is a very small risk of developing traction alopecia, says Dr. Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, adjunct professor of ophthalmology at Baylor School of Medicine in Houston, where natural eyelashes can fall out as a result of the consistent weight of repeated eyelash extensions.

Keep reading to learn all the basics you'll be happy to know (a bar I'd like to know) before an appointment for eyelash extensions. If you really care for them (more on that later), eyelash extensions can last six to eight weeks until they fall out naturally, as your eyelashes usually do. .

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