Where does the eyelash extension go?

The extensions should be placed along the natural eyelash, at a distance of 0.5 mm-0 or 1 mm from the skin along the lash line. If the extensions are not properly positioned at the required distance, two problems can occur. First, you'll be too far along the natural eyelash, leaving a visible space. In a quiet room with your back resting on the massage table, you'll enjoy dim lights and soft music while you rest quietly with your eyes closed.

First, your stylist will use medical grade non-stick tape and tape the lower lashes. Customers have expressed that this is the biggest drawback of the entire process. Proper care is taken to avoid inadvertently sticking the lower lashes to the upper lashes. A small drop of black adhesive is placed on a stone.

Tweezers are used to isolate an individual tab. The artificial eyelash extension is dipped in a medical grade adhesive and then placed over the natural eyelash. This process is repeated for a maximum of 2 hours until the desired lash fullness is received. Now, however, eyelash extensions give women a flawless everyday look that goes from the flirty “girl next door” to a daring night on the town.

Eyelash extensions are not tied or attached to natural lashes, as it would be very difficult, if not impossible, due to their very thin and small size. The longevity of eyelash extensions depends mainly on the strength of the adhesive or the glue used to fix the extensions. Whether you're a new eyelash artist struggling with eyelash extensions or you're a veteran professional, BL Lashes is here to help ensure that your lashes will last until the next filling. The distance at which you place the extensions is extremely important to ensure a completely natural feel throughout the time you wear them.

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