Can you wear lash extensions forever?

They are the painless solution to your eyelash problems. However, it is necessary to obtain the right extensions to avoid irritation, infection or damage to natural eyelashes. If you're not going to visit a professional eyelash artist who uses certified quality products, pause. They can be used for life only if applied with the correct length, weight and thickness according to natural eyelashes.

Every accredited eyelash artist must tell the customer that eyelash extension care starts from the moment they leave the salon. If eyelash extensions have been misapplied, they can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive eyes or skin. It has definitely boosted my confidence just with the fact that no matter what, I always have long, fleshy eyelashes that make my eyes stand out. You want customers to keep coming back and that will happen if they have natural, healthy eyelashes so you can put the extensions together.

Don't forget to explain these steps to your customers so they understand that the retention of their eyelashes is in their hands. Aftercare tip for eyelash extensions from LivBay Lash: Once you wash your eyelash extensions, they can become lumpy, which is normal. They believe that taking a break from applying eyelashes will reduce the strain of extensions on natural eyelashes. So when you give a customer tips on the aftercare of eyelash extensions, don't forget to emphasize the importance of avoiding heat.

When extensions first arrived on the mainstream market, it seemed like a relatively simple way to achieve faint, wavy eyelashes without the drawbacks of false masks or mascara. All of the above ingredients can be purchased at Holland and Barrett and whatever you don't use to make your eyelash serum you can use on the rest of your body, face, and coconut oil can be used for cooking. Obviously, something is wrong, and the first step in the right direction would be to remove your eyelash extensions so that your eyes can rest and heal. Aftercare tip for eyelash extensions from LivBay Lash: It may sound tempting, but using a swab to dry your eyelash extensions is a really bad idea.

The thing is, regardless of the incredible work you do in the beauty salon, if your clients don't practice a proper aftercare routine after eyelash extension, there's no way the retention will last long. Another advantage is that I don't have to deal with the mess of applying false eyelashes or the potential disaster of a strip of eyelashes falling off during a party or any other fun activity. They can precisely guide you on the before and after procedures to follow to reactivate and improve the growth of your natural eyelashes.

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