What should lash techs wear?

Cotton is always a good choice, but there are also scrubs made from polyester and other synthetic materials. You'll need tweezers (at least 2 sets), eyelash trays (start with popular curls FIRST and try mixed lengths if you're just starting out, always mixing three lengths, of course), an eyelash mirror so you can check your work, a Nano Mister and a fan, mascara sticks that always flow, adhesive wipes to keep the mouthpiece clean, gel pads to keep the lower eyelashes locked and the right tape in case the pads slip (you always have a back of these; if you run out of them, they screw you in). I honestly believe that many of these companies back up their products with a lot of practical research and spend time really focusing on what it means to create quality eyelash extensions and adhesives. If a customer has leftover mascara and oils on their eyelashes when you apply their eyelash extensions, the adhesive won't last.

Organic vapors are also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are released as gas from the eyelash extension adhesive as they heal. Many new eyelash artists are looking for a natural eyelash ideal for applying the extension. Always keep in mind that each eyelash needs an extension applied to it, so it doesn't matter which tab you choose to do first. Therefore, first of all, do not rub your eyelashes with the glue, as this will only create an adhesive film on the extension and it will dry before it clings well to the eyelash.

This mascara style also makes it very difficult to talk to your eyelash client and establish a good relationship with them, and it can be unpleasant. These tweezers can be straight tweezers, which are used for classic eyelashes, or they can be L-shaped or curved tweezers, which are used for voluminous eyelashes. This means that no other eyelash or natural extension, other than the one that is applied, will adhere to the natural eyelash you've chosen. If you're whipping at a high volume for long hours, you'll need a mask that offers better protection than what these masks can provide.

Without adhesive tape, the lower eyelashes intersect with the upper lashes, which could cause the customer's eye to close with glue. I, personally, have experienced blisters around the nostrils and eruptions after long days of lashing with a strong adhesive and no mask. You might run into a sticky situation (literally) where an eyelash brush can't help you, but 90% of the time your eyelash brushes will support you. Buy a mask that is ergonomically designed so that eyelash artists fit both the nose and mouth comfortably.

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