Can you do lashes with just a certificate in florida?

Although the state of Florida does not require specific certification to practice eyelash extensions, it does require a cosmetologist, a beautician, a full specialist, a facial specialist, or a medical license, and this course will fill the specific knowledge gap about the eyelashes where those programs end up. Each state will be different in terms of what you may need to do eyelash extensions. Most states require a license to do eyelash extensions. EBL does not grant licenses, this is something you will receive for attending a school within your state.

If your state requires a license, we require verification of the license in order to receive eyelash training. Once you've verified that you're properly licensed, we'd love to have you in class. Licenses for eyelash technicians in Florida are controlled by the Department of Florida. Afterwards, and only later, in states that require a cosmetology or beautician license, can you complete an eyelash training program.

However, it is beneficial to attend an eyelash training program to learn proper application techniques and aftercare. Maybe it's a nervous client or a girlfriend who wants to become an eyelash artist who is curious about this question. So, what exactly are the certification requirements for eyelash extensions? Well, that depends on where you and your charming dream eyelashes are located. The eyelash training courses at The Refinery Lab include classic 1-day professional training on eyelash extensions.

This regulation is determined by the state Board of Cosmetology, check with your state board to determine state eyelash extension requirements. This hands-on, immersive training gives you the skills and knowledge to apply eyelashes to anyone with confidence. During class, you can practice with a mannequin head, a rubber set with high-quality eyelashes that offers a very realistic feel. See below for state eyelash extension requirements and regulations you should know before pursuing a career as an eyelash artist.

As mentioned, you must have a beautician or cosmetology license to do eyelash extensions in most states.

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