How long is too long to have eyelash extensions?

Most eyelash extensions applied in the salon usually last between two and four weeks. This takes into account that some eyelashes will fall out prematurely, especially in the first few days. Many eyelash experts agree that there is a basic formula that can help you determine the perfect length of your eyelashes. As a general rule, your eyelashes will be at their best when their length is approximately equal to the distance between the brow line and the lashes.

Naturally, that's just a basic guideline, but most women will enjoy the best results when they choose their eyelashes based on that simple principle. You've heard that prevention is better than cure and the same applies to applying eyelashes. Long eyelash extensions can cause permanent damage to the hair follicle, resulting in shorter, weaker eyelashes, and repetitive damage could kill the follicle completely. That's why I always recommend the 3mm rule, which we teach at the Lash Affair Academy.

The 3 mm rule states that, for the health of the client's natural eyelashes, you should never place an extension that exceeds 3 mm in length of the natural eyelash. If you use the Size Matters clip to trace your customer's NL line, you'll get the exact lengths you need to follow this rule and ensure that you're always using safe lengths. Eyelash extensions can enhance your style by making it look like you're wearing mascara or false masks when you don't have any makeup. The cost of eyelash extensions can vary widely depending on your location, your eyelash technician, the type of eyelashes being used, and the style you want.

One of my clients came to the salon a couple of days before she booked the removal of eyelash extensions, worried that she wasn't doing the right thing to remove them and wanted a second opinion.

Bette Kalloch
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