Is the kiss lash glue waterproof?

Product Description Kiss Lash Couture Strip eyelash adhesive black, this waterproof eyelash adhesive dries quickly. Infused with biotin and blueberry extract. Applicator with brush tip for easy and hassle-free application. I-ENVY's Super Strong Hold adhesives make eyelashes last as long as you do.

The ingredients are tested by ophthalmologists and are not hypoallergenic, meaning they are pleasant to the skin. This revolutionary false eyelash application tool will ensure that your lashes stay on all day long with a strong grip. Designed to be applied under natural eyelashes, the V-Luxe Overnighter can extend the use of Lash Cluster up to 2 weeks. Apply your false eyelashes faster, easier and get a more durable and stronger hold with the 3D Strip Lash i-Envy eyelashes by Kiss.

This 16-hour strip eyelash adhesive is water resistant, odourless, easy to use and dries quickly (so you can break hearts faster and for longer). The Ardell Lashtite individual eyelash adhesive is water resistant and is specially formulated for use with Duralash eyelashes. This is a longer-lasting waterproof adhesive and is only used on individual eyelashes. Specially formulated for use with Duralash.

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