How do you keep natural eyelashes healthy with extensions?

Eyelash maintenance Avoid rubbing, pulling, or pulling your eyelashes. This loosens and completely alters the structure of your extensions. Wash your eyelashes with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. It's totally OK to wash your eyes with eyelash extensions, just try not to scrub the cleanser too hard.

Clean the lash line with water by brushing it with clean, damp fingertips. Do not use cotton swabs or cotton pads, as lint can get trapped in the extensions. Damage and fragility can also be caused by an allergy to makeup, using an eyelash curler too hard, or removing makeup or false eyelashes too abruptly. However, this isn't the end of your natural lashes, as there are ways to combat them and ensure that your natural lashes stay healthy and viable for beautiful eyelash extensions.

Having a set of healthy, thick eyelashes can make a person's appearance completely different with or without extensions.

Bette Kalloch
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