How do i stop allergic reaction to eyelash extensions?

Allergy treatment for eyelash extensions Take an oral antihistamine or use antihistamine eye drops. Apply a topical allergy-relieving product that is safe for the eye area. Try a cold compress to ease irritation. If the allergy to eyelash extensions does not go away after 24 hours, be sure to remove the eyelashes with a special liquid (remover).

If the reaction does not stop and even “gains momentum”, medical attention will be needed. The Barber and Cosmetology Board recommends that people with certain conditions or risk factors avoid wearing eyelash extensions. Allergies caused by eyelash extensions are extremely rare (less than 1% of confirmed cases have complaints of various reactions after the appointment). While you can never be 100% sure of the type of allergy you're facing, if you don't do more research, there are three main causes that cause customers to suffer from allergies to eyelash extension adhesives.

For the most part, not many people react to any part of the process of applying eyelash extensions. To avoid an allergic reaction, they recommend using formaldehyde-free products and avoiding washing your face for a few hours after applying eyelash extensions. However, if you're about to apply eyelash extensions to your client and they start showing signs of an allergic reaction, don't freak out. Remedies for allergic reactions with glue for eyelash extensions There are remedies that a customer can use to alleviate mild symptoms.

I've even had clients who know that they have a mild allergy to eyelash extension glue; to prepare for their appointment, they take Benadryl before coming. No one (not even the most experienced professional) can predict how your body will react to eyelash extensions. An allergic reaction to eyelash extensions is similar to other contact allergies, also known as contact dermatitis. Any future eyelash extension appointments should be done with extreme caution, as there is no guarantee that you won't have another reaction.

For some people, eyelash extensions can cause an allergic reaction or cause other eye health problems. And if the glue does not contain cyanoacrylate, its adhesive functions are minimized and eyelash extensions will not last long. The quality of false eyelashes can directly affect the health of your eyes, so choose a professional extension. However, remember to tell the customer that latex-free glue will reduce the lifespan of eyelash extensions by about a week.

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