How do you select false lashes for your client?

The goal when choosing an eyelash for deep eyes is to make the eyes appear more forward. Look for longer lashes that have a decent curl. Long, faint eyelashes will open your eyes and improve your size. Deeply sunken eyes tend to be large and deeper in the cavity than most.

They are positioned in such a way that they make the brow bone appear more prominent and the ends of the natural eyelashes tend to rub against the upper eyelids. Deep eyes may need to be accentuated, so choose an eyelash that is longer in the center, that curls up and out, away from the brow. Individual lashes also work great for this eye shape, as you can focus on the center and apply more there for a curly stretch. We've also tried the latest innovations, such as eyelash extensions, eyelashes with a magnetic stripe and all the serums you can imagine to enhance eyelashes, but nothing better than a couple of old fakes.

Small eyes are better suited to natural-looking, shorter lashes, as this will accentuate the eyes without making them look heavy. I have almond-shaped eyes and tend to stick with thin, faint or individual eyelashes on a daily basis, but change them to fuller, mink-style lashes for a night out. Most false eyelashes have a curl, so make sure your eyelashes have a similar curvature so that there are no gaps and are not separated. The lashes come in smaller groups that are placed at the bottom of the lashes, rather than the top, for a more natural looking result.

We recommend choosing natural and romantic eyelashes to enhance protruding eyes without making them look too heavy. Both the bell-shaped eyelashes and those that are evenly distributed along the band will adapt to the shape of your eyes. If you use individual lashes and want a more spectacular look, Andersen recommends adding one or two individual medium-length lashes to the outer corners of the eyes to give them more extension. Then I always use mascara to define the roots of my eyelashes and make sure they are jet-black.

When it comes to a glue that won't let you or your eyelashes suffer the 16:00 flop, the best brand on the market is DUO. With so many tabs available, it can be overwhelming to choose the ones that best suit you and your customers. In addition, it is important to use mascara and eyeliner to cover synthetic eyelashes and the eyelashes themselves, so that they look similar. Keep your false eyelashes from falling out by following these rules and you'll have fuller looking lashes in no time.

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